running the bases with On Technology Partners

Running the Bases with On Technology Partners

Running the Bases today with Ken Fanger the Founder of On Technology Partners – an IT, Network Security, Deployment and Monitoring service, located in Cleveland, OH.  On Technology Partners has been protecting businesses and their teams for over 28 years.  From assisting deployment and securing Office 365 to building backups and monitoring solutions.  Their focus is to help their clients be the heroes in their stories.

Ken shares his story from working in tech with large corporations to establishing his own firm with his best partner ever – his wife – the CEO of the company.

Ken believes and expects that he and his firm must pivot at least every 18 months.  The pace and change in our world demand it.  If you expect it to happen and prepare – you’ll be ready when it comes.  Ready to succeed.

“Failures more than successes, but never the same one twice”.  “Complacency is an enemy”. “Education and training is the best way to do anything”. – Just a few of the nuggets of gold that Ken shares on the show – plus a “Mic Drop” near the end.

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