COPYWRITING SECRETS BOOK REVIEW Jim Edwards copywriting skills have been well known to the funnel hacking and Clickfunnels community for some time. And today you can get his book CopyWriting Secret for free. Some time ago Jim put together a super app called Funnel Scripts, it’s an app that writes the sales copy you […]

Read More → Planetary Gear Set The Even Mix™ tote and drum mixer is powered with either electricity or air. It has a powerful motor that is designed to mix containers evenly and thoroughly with it’s patented design. An important part of their air and electric drive design is planetary gears. Planetary gears are gears that rotate […]

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Dr. Cadili on his trip with surgical team to Burkina Faso – Laparoscopic surgery from Ali Cadili on Vimeo. Dr. Cadili Laparoscopic Surgery Dr. Ali Cadili discusses his trip to Burkina Faso with his surgical team. Throughout Dr. Cadili’s presentation, you will learn about his experience doing laparoscopic surgery on patients. Throughout this video, […]

Read More → Fast Business Funds Fast Business Funds – small business loans. Same day approvals. Fast Cash Advance. Medium-term loans 3-18 Months. Long term fixed rate 2 -10 Year Small Business loans. Term loans offer simple interest fixed rates as low as 5.9% but the actual rate will depend on many factors. Term loans can be […]

Read More → Best Baseball Gloves and Brands 2019 What are the best baseball gloves and brands for the 2019 season? Check out why we think these are the best baseball gloves in 2019. We break it down for all positions so you can find out the best outfielders, infielders, catchers and pitchers gloves! Link to our […]

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