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Even Mix™ – Digital Drive Features Mode

Even Mix™ has defined the next generation in mixing with its Digital Drive. It’s already the lowest weight in the mixing industry at 12 pounds. It’s the most energy-efficient consuming 4 Amps Max at 120 V. It has the unmatched 3D mixing performance of Even Mix’s patented blades. Now we are adding water and dust resistance to its defenses and a digital display for accuracy of control. All of that in one, low weight, water resistant piece of equipment. You simply won’t find these features anywhere else.

Digital Drive Features for Mixing

We’ve studied the requirements of mixing and solved the problems that have long plagued the industry. Poor mixing performance. Heavy drives that required 2 operators or a forklift to move. Single speed or bulky variable speed controls. We’ve developed the solution to the problem of poor mixing performance.

Mixing with a Digital Drive

Whether you are mixing adhesives, farm chemicals, polymers, waste treatment chemicals, food, beverages, lawn and tree fertilizers, personal care products, or coatings. We have experience in your industry and a solution that will work for you. This digital drive gives you control over your mixing process and delivers consistent results. Take a look at any of our videos on IBC, Drum, Tanks up to 5,000 Gallons, or Open Containers. You can use this Digital Drive to operate any of those mixers.

Give us a call at Even Mix™ and let us share our experience to improve your mixing process.

Even Mix™ – Advanced mixing technology

We offer drum, pail and tote mixers. Even Mix™ has the best performance and lowest weight. Our mixers mix in 3D, creating circulation of your liquid in the container.

Digital Drive Features Mode
IBC Mixing
Tote Mixing
IBC Tote Mixing
Drum Mixing
Drum Mixer

EvenMix® Introduces the Digital Geared Drive

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