running the bases with Cleaners Max – Rockville dry cleaner

Running the Bases with Cleaners Max – Rockville Dry Cleaner

Running the Bases today with Keith Ferguson from Cleaners Max – a complete and discount dry cleaner in Rockville, MD.  Keith shares his path toward entrepreneurship over the course of his career.  How his past experiences have prepared him for his current project as the owner of a dry cleaning shop in Rockville.

Rockville Dry Cleaner

At 61, Keith dove into the business start-up pool at a time when people are thinking about the horizon.  Not Keith, he’s felt the fire of entrepreneurship and owning his own business for most of his life.  He’s had a different path and varied experiences, but it all focuses on connecting with people, delivering a great service and building an incredible team.

Dry Cleaning Rockville

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