Chiang Mai yoga retreat 2020

Beat the burnout and take your power back through meticulous rest, relaxation and release, centred around yin yoga. Switch off the stress and reclaim your health and your life.

About the Chiang Mai Retreat

A Dr. Amanda Bowen retreat is a long term investment, which will equip you with the foundation and skills to continue a personal practice that will create the equilibrium required for your health and well-being on an ongoing basis.

Above all, you will have the time of your life. Lightness and laughter is another of my trademarks. Grounded and accessible practice and also healing, at a high level of experience, skill and knowledge, is my promise. An unforgettable experience and furthermore, something to treasure forever.

Ongoing support can be arranged for when you get home, so you can maximise the investment you have made in you and integrate these new behaviours into your daily life. You will certainly feel how good it is to step out of survival mode and start to thrive!

More about Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Yoga Retreat with Dr. Amanda Bowen
Chiang Mai Yoga Retreat 2020

Chiang Mai for those who have yet to experience it, is idyllically charming, one of the most stunning locations on earth. You will be staying in a five star luxurious and exclusive six bedroom property with a large swimming pool and jacuzzi, nestled amongst lush gardens.

This elegant place will be your sanctuary for our eight days together, where you will learn to enjoy being in the here and now. You will experience a perfect blend of yin and yang activities and yoga, while totally immersing yourself in the inspirational Thai culture.

Experience the healing and transformational power of the present moment; the only place where life exists. Absolute bliss!

Further Information

Dr. Amanda Bowen is now taking bookings for the 2020 Yoga Retreat in Chiang Mai.

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