Reviews are the first thing you search for when deciding you might want to buy a product or course and here is my Kotton Grammer review. I was blown away listening to a group of OMG members/coaches. How my journey with OMG Machines began like many others started by listening to a webinar, the speaker in charge was Kotton Grammer. Reviews of Kotton Grammer span the spectrum but I have yet to hear someone that has joined give him a bad review. After joining I could tell which reviews actually were members and which were not. It was easy because the ones that did not join talk about the hype in all the pieces of training. In actuality, there is no hype in the training. There is plenty of hype in the sales webinars and reviewing Kotton Grammer from those webinars would say he is full of hype. My Kotton Grammer review is from the perspective of a new member that is relatively new to SEO. Kotton pulls no punches in training. I like his style of teaching people how to do what he does and then calling us out for not taking action, a virtual kick in your ass then pushes/encourages you to go out and do it! By the end of each training with Kotton, your mind should be blown and you should be motivated. My Kotton Grammer Review: A+ Thanks, Kotton Grammer, it is a pleasure to review your work at OMG! #KottonGrammerReview #ReviewofKottonGrammer #KottonGrammerTestimonial

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