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This video shows how to use My IM Place Syndicator.

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To check and get your backlinks simply go to The List page and find your posts on the properties listed there. You can do this fast by using free Chrome extension called "Open Multiple URLs".

You can submit one post per 24 hours.
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In this video Dino Gomez is using My IM Place Syndicator (in a 5$ gig form) as part of his local SEO strategy.

All of the links mentioned in the video along with my additional info you will find in THIS ARTICLE.

Gregory Ortiz is showing how he ranks videos on YouTube using My IM Place Syndicator (as the 1st service mentioned).


>> KonKer SEO Market


Google Maps
If you rank local clients you can embed also maps. On the Source Market I get a lot of orders, so it works. The Syndicator doesn't embed the map on every blog, but it creates links and in this case that's enough.

As a boost you can use my other tool - the Embedator, which at the moment is in Beta stage, so you can register and use it for free until we launch it.

It works pretty much the same, but syndicates the videos in other places and you can use it also for SlideShare slides and more.
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