Many of the materials needed to craft a backyard agility course can be purchased at local hardware stores, yard sales, flea markets, or even found lying around your home. Weave poles Dogwalk Standard jumps Pause table Tunnel Tire jump Teeter board A basic agility course has the following types of obstacles: Here’s how to […]

Read More → 1. First things first: Start with “high value” treats and lots of attention. For my dog, high value treats mean small pieces of bacon or cheese, but the thing he wants most is my praise and lots of petting. Find what motivates your dog and run with it. I have a friend whose dog […]

Read More → Bootcamp is for those canines that call for an even more extensive property programme far from their home atmosphere in order to find out how to be a pet dog once more and end up being well balanced. Dogs exhibiting pet hostility concerns really gain from this programme as they are incorporated with a […]

Read More → Whether housebreaking a pup or an adult dog, the first step is taking advantage of the dog’s den instinct (their desire to curl up in a snug, protected place). A crate, when properly introduced as a happy and rewarding place, provides your pet a secure haven of its very own. It’s invaluable for housebreaking […]

Read More → There are numerous methods on how to get rid of bed bugs from your home. The biggest problem is that once they infest your home, it’s nearly impossible for the average person or family to remove them unless they do it professionally. Having bedbugs suck your blood at night while you are sleeping isn’t […]

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