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We are a private, discreet treatment facility committed to our clients’ well-being and recovery from addiction in stunning Phuket, Thailand.

Our very experienced Clinical Team has created a holistic, evidence-based addiction treatment program which will be tailored to the specific, individual needs of each client.

Miracles Asia’s skilled and compassionate team of addiction specialists will work tirelessly and patiently to help clients in their recovery process and commitment to getting well and staying well.

We provide a spiritually healthy, supportive and peaceful environment with 24-hour care and supervision.

Addictions &
conditions we treat
Chemical Addiction
At Miracles Asia we help people with various types of chemical addiction.

Our clients come to us not just for alcohol and recreational drug problems, but also prescription drug dependency.

During your pre-admission assessment with our entrance staff we will help determine your need for medical withdrawal assistance and collaborate with local international medical providers to ensure a safe and comfortable transition to recovery. As your body adjusts to the decrease of alcohol / drugs, our therapeutic program helps with the transition and provides new skills and techniques to live comfortably without chemicals. We help people with addictions to alcohol, narcotic and amphetamine addiction, designer drugs and marijuana as well as prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines and pain killers.

After any required initial detox Miracles Asia provides 24 hour nursing care to assist you in the post-detox maintenance.

Process addiction
A process addiction, also called a behavioral addiction, shares the same compulsion and obsession patterns as other addictions but tends to manifest in actions or activities instead of chemicals.

The most common process addictions we treat are for gambling issues and sex/love addiction as well as internet, social media, and shopping.

Often people are reluctant to seek help for process addictions as they believe their behaviors are not deviant and other people may be able to indulge in similar activities with little consequence.

Process addictions, like all addictions, are less about social acceptability and what other people think is normal, and more about how it effects us personally. The consequences faced may not be physical as much as financial, emotional, social or even legal.

Friends and family often do not understand the depth or unmanageability these cause us and view our behavior as voluntary bad habits.

At Miracles Asia we know that all addictions are a medical / psychological disorder and willpower and good intentions are completely inadequate in stopping them.

Co-dependency / Non-addicted partner
We have seen many friends and family members of the addicted person report that while they are very happy and grateful that their loved one received the help he/she needed, they often feel as though they are invisible victims.

Addiction is a “family disease” that usually causes harm to all people close to the addict. Anger, fear, worry and blame often accompany the addict’s behaviors and family members can greatly benefit from receiving their own personalized recovery program.

We often hear from clients that attend individual rehab programs that when they return home, there are unresolved issues and resentments that need to be addressed directly or else can turn the relationship toxic.

A significant percentage of people who successfully leave rehab find relationship issues in their immediate future, often resulting in separation and divorce, even if they are maintaining sobriety.

At Miracles Asia we are sensitive to the need of non-addicted family members and offer 30-day residential programs to help understand and process the trauma they have experienced and to develop their own healthy boundaries and coping skills.

This program can be attended simultaneously allowing the addict and loved one to recover together or independently if the addicted person refuses help or has already received treatment.

Dual Diagnosis
Dual diagnosis, or sometimes called “co-occurring disorders” means the presence of two or more distinct pathologies or disorders at the same time. Often substance abuse can accompany symptoms of other disorders such as depression, anxiety or cognitive distortions.

Sometimes the client does indeed have two or more issues that need to be addressed and both issues need treatment in a collaborative and complimentary way in order to achieve recovery.

In the rehab field we have seen that about 40% of clients who admit to treatment with two or more disorders graduate and return home with only addiction related diagnosis (in remission).

This is because the symptoms for many mental health issues mimic the same as the primary addiction and sometimes well meaning medical professionals identify symptoms but not the cause.

Many people entering treatment have symptoms of anxiety or depression that would qualify for a separate diagnosis if their doctor was not aware, or did not take into consideration that the primary addiction was causing the secondary symptoms.

At miracles Asia we take nothing for granted and all clients are offered testing and assessment to determine both the specific presenting issues as well as customized treatment programs to isolate and address the issues.

For clients who indeed suffer from mood or anxiety issues, we employ an experienced psychiatrist with a background in addiction medicine to ensure you receive the proper medical treatments to compliment your comprehensive addiction treatment.

Residential Mental Wellness
At Miracles Asia we offer a supported residential therapy community for people trying to recover from chronic issues such as depression/ mood disorders, anxiety issues, personality disorders and adjustment issues.

Our clinical psychology staff and affiliate psychiatric consultants cooperate to provide a safe, encouraging and intensive recovery experience.

We often encounter clients who are distressed and frustrated by trying to address their mental health issues on their own and while they do not require admission to a “psychiatric unit”, they wish to step away from their normal environment and daily stressors in order to make significant progress in a fresh and comfortable environment.

Miracles Asia has access to psychiatric services but the facility is primarily a “psychological environment”.

While we are not able to accommodate clients who are high-risk to self-harm or are significantly cognitively impaired, we are able to assist people with moderate issues through individual counseling, group counseling (when applicable), recreational program, personal fitness program, family issues treatment, aftercare planning and goal setting skills, all in a private and luxurious tropical environment.

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