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What’s In A Plasma-Rich Platelet or PRP Injection.

Your plasma is the liquid portion of your blood. That is primarily composed of water and protein. It allows red and white blood cells, as well as platelets, to circulate through your body. Platelets are a type of blood cell that is responsible for clotting your blood. When tendons ligaments, muscles, and joints are injured.

Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP Therapy Is Used To Speed In The Healing Process

PRP therapy is administered through the injection of a concentrated form of a patient’s own platelets. So PRP injections work by stimulating the healing response in each individual patient’s own healing system to alleviate musculoskeletal problems. Doctors may use platelet-rich plasma PRP on injuries or damage to tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints, and skin. A doctor draws blood from your body and then uses a machine to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood.

In order to collect plasma for treatment purposes, the doctor will then numb the area of your body, where the PRP injections will be administered. Doctors typically use ultrasound technology during injections to ensure that they are injecting into the correct area. In some instances, PRP injections typically take about 30 minutes for the length of time varies depending on the area being treated. Once platelets have reached the area that is being treated, they begin to break down and release growth factors, which are compounds that aid in the repair and renewal of cells. If you or a loved one are suffering from neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, or knee pain. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a great alternative to pain injections, and may actually prevent a surgical procedure.

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