Mr. Chow and Hangover Part 2

In the morning, Phil, Stu and Alan find themselves in an unfamiliar hotel room with Leslie Chow ( Ken Jeong ) – with whom Alan had been friends after the Las Vegas events – and with a smoking chimpanzee. The stub has a tattoo on the face and Alan’s hair has been thrown away. Teddy has disappeared, but his loose fingers are found. Before Chow can tell what happened last night, her heart stops cocaine. A trio throws his body into a frozen box.

They telephoned Dougi, who was still at the party site (since he had left the campus earlier), and found Teddy’s identity card for a detained Buddhist monk. But the crowd did not speak at all because he had sworn to silence. However, they will find a business card that leads you to a tattoo shop where Stu got tattooed. They know that they started a fight at night and the riot that followed. After returning to the monk’s temple, the leading monk advises them to meditate. The industry begins to remember more about the events of the evening. They find their way to a stripe bowl that reveals that Stu was having sex with the cage . Then the Russian robbers shoot Phili and capture the monkey.

After checking out Phil’s wounds, Alan acknowledges having put Teddy’s marshmallow muscle relaxants and ADHD drugs and accidentally eaten them. At first, Phil and Stu are frightened that Alan had been bothering them again, but when they calm down they find notes of Alan’s stomach with a marked place and time of meeting. They meet on the spot with Kingsley ( Paul Giamatti ), a gangster who says she had caught Teddy. He asks in return for this freedom Chow’s bank account IDs. When you search for Chow’s body, the triad finds that he’s still alive. They are looking for a monkey from the Russians, because the banknotes were the same, but ended up with a violent back riding where the monkey gets hit. They take the bank codes, leave the monkey at the vet’s door, and return to Kignsley. But then the Interpol agents in peer-to-peer appear and arrest Chow. Kingsley is also an agent and reveals that he has used information about Teddy’s disappearance only as a bait to arrest Chow. Really did not know where Teddy was.

In desperation, Phil calls Doug’s wife, Tracy, and tells the truth. Stu is considering resigning the wedding and declaring Teddy dead. But when the electricity is broken again, Stu realizes where Teddy is. The trio returns to the hotel where they wake up and find Teddy’s elevator. He had gone to pick up more ice in the night at his finger, but he was stuck in the elevator because of a power failure. They leave for Chow’s speedboat and arrive at the moment when Lauren’s father is having a wedding.

Stu holds a long speech saying that he is not as dull as it looks. Through this, she gets a blessing from Lauren’s father. Alan reveals his own wedding present: a musical performance by Mike Tyson . At the end of the wedding, Teddy notices her cell phone being full of pictures of the events she had been exposed to. They decide together with Tyson to look at the pictures only once before the destruction of the evidence, and the pictures are displayed during the final texts.

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