How to Sell with Social Media! (5 Secrets)

What’s up Crew! Today we are going to discuss one of my most very favorite topics to teach which is HOW TO SELL WITH SOCIAL MEDIA! I have 5 success secrets that I am going to share with you guys today, and I am going to count these down from 5 to 1. DO NOT MISS #1 because it is absolutely one of the most important secrets YOU MUST KNOW about creating great social media content that actually CONVERTS.


If you would prefer to WATCH rather than LISTEN, here is the video of today’s training! If you prefer to read, go ahead and continue down below!

Let’s dive in!

Alright y’all listen your social media content is the engine in your business vehicle. Imagine for a second, what type of vehicle you would want your business to be.


Are you a sportscar that is sleek and fast? Or a hummer, that’s strong and sturdy and likes to go off the beaten path? Maybe you’re a tour bus? You might be moving slower than others but you’re taking a lot of people with you?


Whatever you are, recognize that the engine makes the vehicle. You can have a beautiful sports car, but if you don’t have any horsepower under the hood, all you have is something that looks good, but isn’t really going anywhere. You might have a power looking 4×4, but if you don’t have strength under the hood, there’s no way you’re going to be able to get off road the way you truly want to? Get my point?


Your social media content strategy is the fuel that fires up this conversion system engine and makes this vehicle run!


So here’s 5 secrets for how to sell with social media, and make your content engine really run:



There are three key elements that your content must embody..


FREE: You cannot expect to be compensated for your time or expertise until your prospects have had an opportunity to engage with your information and be exposed to the value that you have to offer.


Make the determination of what type of content you would like to share? What skillset do you have that you can effectively work from? Are you a good talker? Are you a good writer? Are you comfortable in front of a camera? Here are some content types and the ideal qualities that you would want for each..


· LIVESTREAMING: Great speaking skills, confidence, professional, presentable, ability to multi-task, quick thinker, personable, energetic, positive energy


· BLOGGING: Great writing skills, creative thinker, uniqueness, ability to articulate thoughts clearly, great story-telling skills


· PODCASTING: Great speaking skills, advanced tech skills, confidence, ability to multi-task, quick thinker, personable, energetic, positive energy


· VIDEO CONTENT: Great speaking skills, advanced tech skills, professional, presentable, personable, energetic, positive energy


· SOCIAL SHARING: Resourceful, creative thinker, ability to multi-task, ability to articulate thoughts clearly, personable, professional, socially engaging


Choose the content type that you feel you would have the best opportunity to capitalize on and for the next 90 days I want you to work on mastering it!


ACTIONABLE: The marketplace is saturated with entrepreneurs and business owners who are sharing free content all across the web every day but be encouraged because 90% of what is being shared is garbage.. useless.. time-wasting content. But not you!


As you develop your own content strategy, I want you to focus on the word ACTIONABLE. Whatever you share, your audience should be able to ACT on what you are teaching them. When they listen to a livestream or podcast, or read your latest blog post, they should know EXACTLY what they are supposed to do with the information and be immediately able to implement what you are teaching them.


This is a powerful concept to apply because the best way to get your prospects primed to hire you is to get them seeing some early results by applying what they are learning from your free information. Make it actionable. Make it applicable. Make it good!


VALUE: Remember this, there is way too much noise in this marketplace for you to be conservative. It seems like EVERYONE nowadays is sharing something. So how do you differentiate yourself in a marketplace that is so saturated? VALUE.


Think to yourself, what makes something valuable? Uniqueness. New ideas. Something that is proven to work. Great solutions to common problems. Step-by-step guidance. Duplicatable systems. Techniques or unique applications. You get idea.


How can you show or provide something for your audience that they haven’t already seen before? You have two options for what you are going to be as a marketer in the 21st century marketplace.


Memorable or forgettable. Forgettable is easy, that‘s what most people are doing. Memorable takes work.



To get your audience to even begin thinking about pulling out their credit card for you in the near future, you must position yourself in their mind as the go-to professional in your specific niche; the subject matter expert that they rely on for the best information. Positioning starts by clearly identifying what end you want to lead them to.


BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND: Before you even consider pressing the “go live” button, writing your blog post or recording your video you need to identify your end game.


What are you trying to do? What do you want to lead your audience to? Do you want to lead them to a specific specialty of coaching services that you offer? Do you want to lead them to signing up to join your network marketing team? Do you want to lead them to buy a product?


Whatever it is, define that end FIRST.. then outline your content to support and lead in to that end game.


For example:

I specialize in helping startup entrepreneurs turn their passion into a profitable and sustainable business. So let’s say I have developed a new 30-day coaching program called “Jumpstart” to help individuals jumpstart their new small business. The first thing I need to do is outline exactly what this program is going to consist of. This is what that outline should look like..



· Program Name: Jumpstart

· Custom Link to Offer Page:

· Length of Program: 30 Days

· Tag Line: “An All-Inclusive Guide to Jumpstart Your Brand and Launch Your Online Business!”

· Value Features:

o 30-Page Step-by-Step Jumpstart Playbook (pdf)

o Access to the Jumpstart Facebook community

o Weekly milestone assignments with supporting resources

o Weekly 1-on-1 mentoring calls for support, strategy and accountability

o 2 Group Strategy and Training Zoom Calls

· Pricing: $397 per person (retail) / $297 per person (3-day promo launch period)



· Step-by-step guidance to know exactly what you need to do and how to do it!

· A proven strategy to help you get measurable results FAST

· Strategic techniques to help to maximize your time, minimize the startup struggle and get crystal clear on your process and procedures so you can launch your business with confidence!

· Direct access to me via text and email to get your questions answered within 24 hours through the entire program period.

· INCOME! I will work with you directly to develop your own custom monetization plan and process to begin generating revenue immediately!


So now that I’ve outlined by program and what my audience can expect to benefit from it, my next step is to identify what types of people would be most likely to want to invest in this program. Here’s a few examples..

· People who are sick of their 9-5 and want to start their own business but don’t know how

· People who want to make more money and know there is potential online but don’t know where to start

· People who have already tried starting a business online but haven’t been able to get any results from it

· Stay-at-home moms who would like to make an income working from home

· College kids who would like to make an online income while going to school



Once I’ve identified the types of people I want to target, my next step is to develop content ideas to target these individuals specifically.


It’s one thing to write great content, but it’s another thing to get it read and ranked — which is where nailing the title comes in.


Titles are what sell the content. Titles are what get views on your videos, clicks on your blogs and ears on your podcast. They represent it in search engines, in email, and on social media. It’s no surprise, then, that some of the most common questions I get about content writing are about titles!


How long should my headline be? What words should I use? What words should I not use? Should I optimize it for search, or for social? Or both? What if I’m a blogger? Or a streamer? Does that make a difference?!


Yes all of those things matter, but here’s a few things that you must consider as you are brainstormed your content topics and titles.


First of all, your content TOPICS need to align with what is actually going on with your audience. So you identified who your target consumers are, so now you need to come up with some topics for what those consumers would be attracted to. For example:

· CONTENT TOPIC: 5 Things You Must Do to Startup a New Online Business That Can Retire You From Your 9-5 in the Next 90 Days!

· CONTENT TOPIC: 10 Unique Ideas that ANYONE Could Do to Start Making Money Online!

· CONTENT TOPIC: 8 Major Mistakes that Many Online Business Owners are Making and How YOU Can Ensure You Don’t Make the Same!

· CONTENT TOPIC: 6 Steps to Turn Your Passion into an Online Money-Maker Working Part-Time Hours From the Comfort of Your Home!

· CONTENT TOPIC: You Have More to Offer Than You Realize! Learn How You Can Monetize Your Expertise and Make a Full-Time Income Online!


Did you see what I did there? I took each of the unique individual types that I had identified and created a content topic specifically geared to target their pain point, struggle, emotion or desire. Now I can take those 5 content topics and implement a 5-day content strategy.


Each day I will share the topic of the day, engage the viewers with FREE, VALUABLE and ACTIONABLE content. Then at the end of each day’s broadcast I will make a “call-to-action” and will briefly discuss my new “Jumpstart” program that I will be launching at the end of the week.


HOWEVER, the second crucial component to succeeding with your topics writing great titles, and there is definitely a strategy to that as well! No honestly, there’s so much that I need to TELL YOU and SHOW YOU about writing titles that I didn’t want to include it here because it would just make this video too long.


So, I have created a separate video (WHICH YOU CAN ACCESS HERE) that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about writing engaging content titles AND in that video I share a CRAZY POWERFUL FREE TOOL that I use to take ALL the guesswork out of creating content, and come up with topics that my audience ACTUALLY WANTS!




So real quick, back to your content strategy. The key to success in this last step with your content is to encourage a SPECIFIC ACTION. Would you like them to sign up at a pre-launch price? Would you like them to register to get on your email list? Would you like them to opt-in for a “free discovery call” to determine if this program would be a good fit for them? Whatever you decide, there are 2 things you want to accomplish with your call-to-action.





PRO TIP: People are much more apt to take action on something if they can take the action right where they are. Make it easy for them to do whatever it is that you want them to do!


CONGRATS! This is a huge first step for how to sell with social media! If you apply what you’ve learned here so far you will already be leaps and bounds ahead of most online marketers engaging in the marketplace today.


If you loved this guys, I have written a book called Facebook Marketing Secrets that I would love for you to check out. This isn’t just a good read, it is a playbook that gives you step-by-step instructions for EXACTLY what you need to do to turn social media interactions into paying clients.


I cover engagement techniques, conversion strategy, closing techniques, PLUS I also include over 30 SCRIPTS for how, when and what to say to client those prospects to commit to you!


If you want to check this out Crew, you can visit, the link is in the description. Pick that up. I PROMISE YOU, you will not regret it!

I hope you enjoyed that one today Crew! Be sure to smash that heart button and drop a comment down below! I’d love to hear from you! Cheers ~ JC

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