Strategy to crack rbi grade b 2019 in 13 weeks

13 Weeks Study Plan to Crack RBI Grade B 2019 Exam
We, at Anuj Jindal, are dedicated to your success. Your success will depend on collective efforts by our team here and your willpower and how well you are organized with your preparation.

To help you with your preparation for RBI grade B 2019, we have come up with a 13-Weeks Strategy.
Your Week 1 will start the day we provide you with the complete study material (Videos and PDFs) and Mock Tests for that week. It will be easier for you to revise through Mock tests and will also help you analyze your own preparation. Your target will be to Study the complete material along with Mock Tests by the end of that week.

The same process as that of Week 1 will continue for the remaining next 12 Weeks.

It does not end here, we will also provide you with a spreadsheet in which you will be given daily targets for a particular week. In this way, you won’t have to worry about what you have to study on a particular day.

Also, we will be providing you with a detailed revision plan which among others would be a part of the weekly targets.

Now, since First Revision is also included in the weekly targets. We have devised a colour coding scheme to make it simpler.

Green – Your concepts regarding the topic are thorough.
Yellow – Your concepts are still lacking.
Red – You barely understood the Concept.
This colour coding will help you in the Second Revision. It would come into the picture, once you are done with the entire subject. That is, the second revision would take place once you are done with ESI, which in itself takes 4 weeks.

The third revision will take place once you are done with the entire syllabus. You should also go through the selection process for RBI Grade B 2019 before going through the 13 week plan to know about the exam & cut off.

You can download the picture below of the 13 week plan & Watch the video too. You can also download the excel sheet of the 13 week plan.

You know what to do:

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