How To Build A Complete One Page Scrolling Bootstrap Website

How To Build A Complete One Page Scrolling Bootstrap Website

Hi Guys – Check out our You Tube Video. This video will take you through the complete process of creating a one page scrolling twitter bootstrap website fro star to finish, including uploading the finished site to an online server.

The process is not difficult, we will be demonstrating and using some great free software to build our bootstrap site, as well as giving you the download links. Although it would be good if you have a little html or css knowledge, but not necessary as we walk you though each step.

So take a look and start building your first bootstrap site. Once you have done this a few times, it will get easier and easier. You can sell these custom bootstrap sites to clients that need a new website, and even sell the website template you have created to sites such as Selfy etc…

If you are interested in web design take our full bootstrap template designing course and learn how to build bootstrap websites without doing any coding!  Bootstrap Template Course

Check out our YouTube channel for more free web design videos

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