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Even Mix™ Clamp Mount Mixer – 1 HP Digital Geared Drive

Our 1 HP Digital Clamp Mount Mixer with 1 set of blades is designed to mix your contents evenly. Our current and past customers for this product work with heavy chemicals, adhesives, agricultural products and beyond. Our patented Even Mix™ variable pitch blades work to mix your contents in a 3D motion. We’ve tested substances up to 50,000 cps and found that our mixers can handle even some of the thickest viscosities. This drive features a digital panel with variable speed control that is easy to use. It is more electrically efficient than our competitors, and we pride ourselves in creating the best technologies for our customers. Check out the product specs below for additional product details.

The Even Mix™ 1 HP Electric Clamp Mount Mixer is reliable, effective, and easy to install and use.

Open tanks typically have mixers with heavy and large drives and fixtures to hold them in place. Even Mix™ has brought their advanced technology to serve the open tank market with their digital drive and patented mixing blades. Don’t settle for an expensive mixer that requires a large support structure and cumbersome drive. Technology has advanced to the point where you can have a low weight drive installed that will evenly mix your tank contents quickly and effectively. Furthermore, with an Even Mix™ Clamp Mount Mixer you can move it from tank to tank and share the drive amongst mixers. The Even Mix™ Mix and Match System is modular and allows for drives (both air and electric) to be shared amount various mixers due to their common simple interface.

Durability and performance are first and foremost the top priorities our management team has when developing new mixing blades and other mixing products. So, of course we put forth those thoughts and efforts when creating our clamp mount mixer. Along with a superior mixing capability, our tank mixer has patented technology similar companies cannot offer in their products. We are easily 1/3 of the weight of our competitors while providing superior mixing performance due to our patented mixing blades.

With the Even Mix™ mixed flow blade utilized as a part of the tank mixer’s design, you’ll see liquids undergo vertical mixing like they never have before. Because of the patented technology we use for the clamp mount mixer, the contents of the poly or metal tank will be evenly mixed. Why is that? Our mixed flow blade that has been designed for mixing everything from food to chemicals and it reflects NASA based engineering for optimum performance while mixing. Yes, it is rocket science!

Electric Clamp Mount Mixer

While the Even Mix™ clamp mount mixer won’t spin fast enough to propel you into outer space, it does mix at 135-RPM maximum but the speed is variable and easily controlled. For the operator of this clamp mount mixer, the motor can be moved from tank to tank or the operator can use several Even Mix™ tank mixers with a single motor. Our management team had everyone’s mixing needs in mind when designing this advanced tool.

What’s more, our IBC clamp mount mixer not only has easy handling for the operator, but it features easy installation for those rookie operators. The whole clamp mount mixer unit weighs only fourteen pounds, and can be installed on an open container within seconds. All that is required of the operator is to simply insert the blade in the liquid, tighten the clamp on the rim of the tank, and adjust the angle of the mixer if necessary. Unlike other companies in the mixing industry, there is no extra hardware required with the Even Mix™ clamp mount mixer.

If reliable performance is something that you’re searching for, look no further. We have tested the Even Mix™ IBC Clamp Mount Mixer up to 50,000 cps. It’s mixed Corn Gluten that had settled for about a year, that’s right a sludge the consistency of peanut butter was mixed throughout a large IBC in about 3 minutes. Bring it on, we can mix it!

Even Mix™ – Advanced mixing technology

We offer drum, pail and tote mixers. Even Mix™ has the best performance and lowest weight. Our mixers mix in 3D, creating circulation of your liquid in the container.

Even Mix™ clamp mount mixer
Even Mix™ clamp mount mixer
Even Mix™ clamp mount mixer
Even Mix™ clamp mount mixer
Even Mix™ clamp mount mixer

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