Hummus, low fat, high fiber snack, high protein vegan snack is a perfect addition to a healthy diet. This one is an easy hummus recipe. You can make this easy homemade hummus recipe in 5 minutes. This is a vegan easy hummus recipe. If you want to learn how to make easy homemade […]

Read More → Vegan Fried Chicken is one of the best vegan comfort foods. This Vegan Fried Chicken is super crunchy on the outside with well-seasoned double coated breading. Seasoning on the inside is what makes this vegan fried chicken the best fried vegan chicken ever. This Vegan Chicken tastes and looks just like real chicken tenders. […]

Read More → Learn how to make the best spinach pie recipe / spanakopita recipe ever. You’ll learn how to make spanakopita in 3 minutes. My grandmother thought me how to make spanakopita. Here are the reasons I think that this is the best easy to make Spinach Pie / Spanakopita.

Read More → Pan-seared until crisp on top and just barely cooked at the center: this is how I cook salmon when I have to hit the kitchen running. Not only is it fast — 15 minutes start to finish — it’s also elegant. In fact, it’s the way salmon is typically prepared in fine dining restaurants. […]

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