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So, you are looking for the best sedation dentist in Colorado Springs, but you know little about the procedure. Here is some important information that you should know before deciding who to choose for your dental care, and whether you should use this procedure.

Sedation dentistry can relax your anxieties and make it possible to visit the dentist without any fear of any procedures. However, dental patients need to understand that not every sedation method produces the same results.

There are different levels of dental sedation, and the best Colorado Springs sedation dentists can determine which method is best for you. Here are the different levels of sedation dentistry:


Light Sedation

Light sedation is called anxiolysis. This refers to a level of light sedation, which is ideal for treating the psychological and physical symptoms of mild anxiety. The use of nitrous oxide sedation during your visit can achieve this level of light dental sedation.


Moderate Sedation

Also known as conscious sedation, this is a level of moderate dental sedation. During this procedure, the patient will be conscious and able to respond, but the patient remains in a state of deep relaxation. Oral and IV sedation are used to reach this level of relaxation


What is the Best Sedation Dentistry for You?

Choosing a suitable type of sedation dentistry in Colorado Springs requires a consultation with a qualified sedation dentist. In general, anxiolysis is best for minor anxieties. Moderate and deep sedation are best for those with dental anxiety or dental phobias that make undergoing dental care difficult.

Anesthesia is good for major oral surgeries, such as dental implants or wisdom tooth extraction.


Sedation Dentistry Near Colorado Springs

Dental sedation makes dental care possible for those who are nervous, can’t sit still, or for those with other anxieties or fears. If you would like to experience a dental procedure without worrying about pain, this procedure is probably for you. Get more information about the various ways sedation dentistry can help you. If you are located in the Colorado Springs area, call us today at (719) 888-3936.

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