A chinese action movies 2016 “Xuan Yuan:The Great Emperor (2016)”

Movie “Xuan Yuan:The Great Emperor” will be April 1, 2016 to meet with you, “Xuan Yuan:The Great Emperor” is directed by the director Li Xiaojun, have to wave, class Jia Jia, Zhou Weitong, Wang Deshun effort starring performances. “Regulus Great” director Li Xiaojun also visited dozens of emperor cultural studies expert, after five years, read a lot of historical documents compiled after, but also reflects China’s first Emperor, Emperor, Chi three human ancestor videos. Chinese culture is profound, ancient cultural characteristics is unique to China, but also other countries of worship, regardless of the film to promote the Chinese national spirit and production. Film mainly Regulus Emperor and Ancestor love story she enjoyed throughout the whole movie for clues about five thousand years ago came Xiong tribal leaders led the tribe crossed the Yellow River, fighting wild beasts, flood disaster, the United Chi clan war, the final China unified the tribes magnificent scene, the film presents Huangdi, Yandi Chi three thriving tribe to experience decline, magnificent reproduction of Chinese ancient culture.

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