Yamil Francisco Tampa Small Business Educator


Yamil Francisco owner of Mainstream Digital Marketing Agency

She is an author, business consultant and Internet Marketing Leads Specialist

With her assistance small business owners in different niches have been able to bring their small business double the leads of what they have been able to achieve prior.

She currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her 3 children, husband and Malte-poo. She lived in Miami, Florida for most of her life where she had a brick and mortar business in the legal field. She learned search engine optimization (SEO) in order to make her website show up on the first page of Google. Once her website ranked on the 1st page of Google she became booked solid and that’s when she realized the incredible potential of the Internet and how it was a game changer before most business owners did not use the Internet a part of their marketing tool box.

When she became too busy with her brick and mortar business she decided to outsource SEO to someone in Bangladesh.

She learned a very valuable and costly lesson.

The contractor linked her website with Russian porn sites, spammed other’s websites on her behalf, and literately ruined her business reputation.

She was devastated. During this time her husband got a job offer in Tampa, Florida and they made the decision that starting over in a new city would be great for the family.

During this transition she made the decision that what happened to her and her business should NEVER happen to a small business owner. She took this hiatus from business and latched on to a well known SEO master and became mentored by him. She learned advanced techniques, acquired tools and started ranking websites almost immediately. Many of her friends with small businesses came on board as clients and that’s how her agency was born.

The Age of Social Media Marketing

A few years later and she welcomed social media marketing (SMM) with open arms. Just like she found and latched on to a mentor in the SEO arena she did the same thing with SMM. She invested on training and started using social media to get more leads for her clients. The results were short of amazing.

Business Consulting

Because of her success many of her clients asked for advice on how to handle the new influx of leads. She built funnels for her clients to make sure none of the new leads fell through the cracks. Many times her involvement transcended into business consulting which helped her clients manage the new leads, allocate staff and create systems to service the new leads.

Author of Double your Leads

As her involvement with other’s businesses grew she decided it was time to write a book where small business owners that could not afford working with someone like her could gain enough insight to bring their enterprise to a new level. In her book Double Your Leads: Internet Marketing Guide for Small Business she has poured in many years of knowledge into the pages of her e-book hoping to reach many small business owners reach their goals without having to make a huge investment.

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