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This has to be one of the most exciting passive income opportunities of the year.
Betrobot was launched in Marched 2017 and has to be one of the easiest programs I have ever seen. We don’t know how long its going to last but at the the moment its returning an amazing profit all the members.

I decided to make this what is Betrobot video to give an insight into the investment opportunity and how it works.

Betrobot works purely on your mobile via the free app Telegram which can be run on iPhone, Android and Windows phone. You can download it for Windows PC and Mac. Once downloaded you can visit this site Betrobot on your phone and click the join button.

Once you have clicked the join button Telegram will automatically create your account then you just need to click start and choose your language. Once you have fully created your Betrobot account you will see 6 tabs on the bottom of the interface.

To get started with Betrobot click on invest and you will be given a unique Bitcoin wallet address to send your first investment to. Then receive 6% everyday on your Bitcoin investment.

I hope you enjoyed this video to explain what is bet robot.


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