Tile Refinishing Buffalo NY

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Tile Refinishing Buffalo NY



Tile Resurfacing or Tile Reglazing in Buffalo NY. Can give those old worn out tiles a new look. Put a shine on it. Plus it can also make mold a thing of the past. Since all you have to do is wipe it off. As the glaze will prevent mold from forming. It makes it so much easier to clean. As a simple wipe off is all that is needed. For more info please feel free to visit us online at wnysurfacemagic.com or call 716-381-5607.

When you’re “blessed” with a colorfully tiled bathroom right out of the 1950s (peach? teal? faded yellow?), only two paths forward readily present themselves: Deal with it, or renovate. But a third option—reglazing tile, tubs, and sinks—has crept onto our radar, a fix that requires neither the time nor cost of a gut renovation yet can be nearly as transformative. Maybe you’ve heard of it by another name: Reglazing is also called resurfacing, refinishing, or even painting (though the last isn’t accurate), depending on whom you’re talking to. But the process is the same: A professional will come to your home and, after a deep cleaning of the bathroom in question, spray a very thin, opaque, gleaming coat of enamel across the tile, sink, tub, or all of the above—wholly transforming the room in a matter of hours.


Surface Magic covers all of the Western New York Area.

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