The Signs of a Hoarder – How Therapy Can Help Fight Hoarding


Do you know some of the signs of a hoarder? What would you do if you knew someone was hoarding?

Hoarding items that you do not need can be much more severe than what you realize. You might benefit from hoarding clean up. Hoarding is a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder and something that you need to track.

TV shows hoarding in quite a comical way, but it’s no laughing matter. People suffering will collect items and refuse to get rid of them in an obsessive manner. Friends and family members of the hoarders are who usually notice the problem first and if this applies to you, listen to those around you because they care.

Signs of a Hoarder

– When you walk into the home of a hoarder, it’s easy to see that they have a problem right away. Every available space will usually be filled, often with no theme or pattern to the collection of items.

– In addition to a cluttered home, hoarders usually have little organization in their lives, as well.

– They are often confused and can be quite unhappy.

– They might collect items with emotional value because they find it hard to let go of that part of their past. Saving usually involves children’s clothing, belongings from a lost love, awards, or other items.

– It’s also possible to hoard pets, which is what some people with this condition seem to do. Pet hoarding doesn’t just mean a few cats or dogs. Unfortunately, they might have dozens or even hundreds.

Causes of Hoarding

There are some reasons why some people might be hoarders, and it’s often due to environmental factors. They might have past abuse, anxiety, and stressful events. Perhaps hoarding was something they were around as a child from a parent, and it was something they thought was normal.

Therapy for Hoarding Issues

Not getting help for your hoarding can only make your issues worse and cause you to suffer mentally. You also need to stop hoarding because your home is dangerous, and you are putting yourself at a daily risk of falling and a potential house fire. Therapy can help you. Getting professional help and advice is the way to go when you are dealing with obsessive compulsive disorders, such as hoarding. The therapist will ask a lot of questions that are necessary to get to the reason behind your hoarding. Your therapist will get you the proper type of treatment.

Getting rid of much of your clutter is important, too. Did you know a hoarding cleanup and junk removal company can help?


Now that you know more about hoarding, the causes and what you can do about it, you can take steps to change your life for the better. You will eventually need to arrange removal of items that you have collected throughout the years, but don’t use or need. If you are in the Denver or Colorado Springs areas, you can make use of our hoarding clean up services today and make a fresh start!

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