The Jesse Nadler & Dina Lohan Saga Revealed From Catfish Rumors to Public Romance Lindsay Lohan Mom

Dina Lohan’s former fiance Jesse Nadler dishes on his roller-coaster relationship with the high-profile and often controversial celebrity in a candid interview granted exclusively to Super Star Hollywood Gossip. Discover the full story as told by Dina’s one time love along with a startling new revelation that could be the final straw in this already complicated story.

Editor’s note: This full, uncut interview has been approved for release by Mr. Nadler

Lindsay Lohan Mom 


Could you give us a snapshot of your background and what brought you out to California from your native New York?

What first drew you to Dina and how did you initially reach out to her?

Dina Lohan

How did Dina’s appearance and disclosure of a secret romance on Celebrity Big Brother affect your relationship?

What was your initial reaction to the catfish rumors?

How did you learn that Dina had released intimate photos of you on social media and what thoughts went through your mind?

Lindsay Lohan

Have you been in touch with her since she leaked the photos on July 30th?

Do you feel that this is the final chapter in this saga or is there any hope for reconciliation at some point?

What are you working on now and what are your plans for the future?

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