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Pride Removals would have to be I would say the best removalists in Perth. They have a mix of professionalism and friendliness that is hard to come by these days. Pride Removals have been servicing Perth residents for many years and have built a solid reputation on customer service.

This a family business make no mistake and when you use their services you tend to feel like part of the family.  Jon is the owner operator and when you are first talking with him it is like you have known him for many years. Any questions you have are always answered easily which is a real breath of fresh air.

The operation is well organised, and you really do feel like you are in the best of care. I have used removalists in past and its been an ordeal. The main thing when you hire a removalist is that you want to feel secure. Let’s face it moving is not fun and games. You need to know that the company you are hiring is fully insured and going to be careful and at the same time get the job done at relatively good pace.

This what you can expect from Pride Removals. Basically, sit back relax and just worry about what you need to do. They really are professional and friendly that would be the best way to describe Pride Removals. The business has been built on word of mouth. That again is a big call these days.

In general, they have a couple of levels of service there is complete packing service of which I would highly recommend that way you have everything done mostly for you. Preparation is the key to most things and moving has this factor in the equation. Pride Removals know this and will give the best advice on your individual situation.

So, if you are a Perth Resident and need to move then I would highly recommend Pride Removals. Call Jon on 0400 117 714 or visit the link

We are very happy to do this video for them and really great business to work with.



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