Digital photography is the most inexpensive way to prevent loss due to disaster. Once your professional wedding photos are in digital form, you can easily duplicate them. The digital technology allows for quick backup and restore of your images. It is a technology that is becoming almost inseparable from traditional photography. Burning CDs and DVDs of your images has become quite common, and it should be part of the photography service. If your digital photographer does not supply digital copies, you should walk.

Greater temperatures and humidity are among awful enemies of a photo album. Most areas you would feel comfortable for extended periods are proper storage locations for your photo album. A hot attic in the course of the summer or a cold and wet garage area are great examples of bad storage places.

Your photo album should contain no acids. That includes the glue, paper, and any other material that is part of the photo album. You can contact the manufacturer of the album to make sure. Acids can cause yellowing over time.

The paper and ink used are of  most importance. What your professional photographs will look like decades after you get married greatly depends on the quality of the paper and ink. Ask to see what kind of guarantees the paper manufacturer provides. Ask your photographer to compare different variety of photo papers offered on the market.

You have planned your wedding for a number of years, and you have spent a lot of money on your photographs. Safeguard your purchase!

Photo albums should be laid flat on their backs. Standing photo albums can more easily bend. Make sure the wedding album comes with guarantees you read and understand.

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