There are so many questions about huskies. Like; “are huskies good dogs?”, “how big do siberian huskies get?” or “how much do huskies weigh?“. In this article you can find the answers.

The Siberian Husky is a strong-built dog. The face and the lower part of the body are white Siberian Husky The remaining parts vary from wolf gris to silver silk or sandwheel. It could be brown or blue-eyed. Many of them are noticed with a different eye color. It is very soft on the display which is very scary and wild with ice-blue eyes. Protect the feather pads, resembling big snow shoes, against the sharp frosty ground. The ears are upright and upright. The Siberian Husky often has a soft outer fur with a subdued lower fur. It can withstand -50 / – 60 ° C.
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