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http://sandiegoplumberonline.com American Plumbing Co. 422 21st Street San Diego CA 92102.An A + Rating by the B.B.B. And a 5 Star Rating on Google. An a five Star rating on Yelp. AMerican Plumbing is also an AWARD Winning Plumber San Diego. With 30 + years experience. SEE OUR 5 STAR RATINGS and REVIEWS on GOOGLE and YELP LINKS. Just Scroll down a bit. Best San Diego Plumbing Company.

A San Diego Plumbing Company. An Awards Winning Plumber. Offering Discount plumbing prices. San Diego Drain cleaning service, starting at Only $49.00/up.

Your Local Plumbers. An Affordable San Diego Plumbing Company.  San Diego Drain Cleaning $49/00 up. Call us For all your Residential Plumbing repair service. Licensed San Diego Plumbing Contractors, American Plumbing Co. Lic. # 708829 619-723-1114 Call For a Friendly FREE Estimate.
NEED TO REPAIR or replace drain piping with ABS Plastic Piping. PLUMBING PROBLEMS? Leaks?? Licensed San Diego Plumbing Contractors,

Local Plumbers in San Diego. Your licensed San Diego Plumbing Company. Lic. # 708829 plumber serving the Greater San Diego Area. American Plumbing discount plumbing prices on and including toilet leak repair, new faucet installation, drain sink repair and or installation, residential plumbing repair. Plumbing LEAKS? Call your Discount San Diego Plumbing Contractors.

And also Including, Repair and or Replacement of CAST IRON DRAIN PIPING with ABS PLASTIC PIPING  * New sink(s) installation * Water heater replacement * Water pressure regulator * Copper RE-PIPE (with COPPER PIPING only no PLASTIC piping for water pressurized pipe) * gas line installation * and water shut-off valves installation * Kitchen and Bath-room Faucet Replacement * Shower Valve Repair * Waste & Overflow * Two Way Clean-Outs * Leaky Faucets? Leaky Toilets? FREE ESTIMATES. A Friendly and Courteous San Diego Plumbing Company.

We’ve worked on ALL TYPES of PLUMBING REPAIR SERVICE. Local HIGHLY RATED Yelp San Diego plumbers. For Your Affordable Plumbing Service. And or for a FREE Estimate, Your Award Winning San Diego Plumbing Contractors, Licensed Plumber. CALL Now! 619-723-1114. FREE Estimates. Discount San Diego Drain Cleaning.

Your Respectful, A Courteous San Diego Plumbing Company. 30 + Years Experienced plumbing contractor. Thank You for visiting this page. GOD Bless

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