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Rat control is a major issue in Seattle because rats love Seattle just as much as the people who live in Seattle do. So, the way to solve this problem and get rid of rats is to call a professional to clean up your crawl space and/or attic to eliminate the rodent problem, replace the soiled insulation and vapor barrier, and then do exclusion work to help prevent the rats from coming back.

Once you have rodents it will continue to get worse until you get professional help. Rats give off an odor that attracts other rats. And one breeding pair can produce 2000 babies per year! You can see how the population can rapidly expand at that rate.

They can damage your plumbing and wiring as well as start nesting in your heating ducts. That really becomes a smelly mess and is unhealthy for those living in your home.

King Crawl Space, a PNW Attics and Crawls company offers a free evaluation by a licensed home inspector to you will know for sure if you have a rodent problem, how extensive it is, and what it will cost to correct it.

Give us a call to schedule your free evaluation 866-242-3340

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