CBD Business and CBG Vending Machines.

Yes, vending machines for CBD products. The ultimate CBD Business Opportunity.

Call for Master Territories. Call today at Phone: (775) 473 1201.

Our office is in San Diego, California. Come visit us. Come meet Sandro Piancone and the Hempacco team, Brian Zamudio and the Retail Automated Concepts team and talk about private label hemp cigarettes, CBD vending machines and how you can create your own brand of smokables and a master territory for the CBD vending machines.

Hempacco owns the high-end Hemp Smokable brand The Real Stuff™. A one hundred percent high-speed machine-made and machine packed smokable, the first of its kind made with one-hundred-percent CA Organic Hemp. This means the entire hemp cigarette is made out of hemp including the filter, the paper, and even the box. Yes, these smokables also contain around ten percent CBD.

The Real Stuff™ is currently taking pre-orders for their twenty pack and their new counter display “Single Stick”, perfect for smoke shops, convenience stores and cannabis stores that are looking for high-profit counter displays. Call us to find out how you can also market your own private label hemp cigarettes and start your CBD vending business. Phone: (775) 473 1201

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