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Precision Farming Practices

Precision Farming, also often referred to as “Precision Agriculture” and “Smart Farming,” are mainly one in the same thing designed with the objective of improving agricultural efficiency through the use of modern technology. Put simply; the goal is to produce better crops and ideally more crops using fewer resources. It’s the cutting edge of farm management. By producing more with fewer resources using various strategic delivery methods, precision farming aims to be more sustainable than old farming methods, which is why an increasing number of progressive farms is adopting it as we speak.

Consistent Mixing for Farming Precision

Farming involves lots of mixing. In fact, farmers are involved a lot more in mixing various chemicals than they are with pulling out weeds. Experienced farmers know that when chemicals or solutions are mixed, they need to be consistent throughout every batch. Using traditional mixing methods can’t and does not yield the type of consistently often needed for precision farming equipment. The inconsistent mixing of chemicals often means that precision spraying nozzles get clogged, which can be very challenging to clean.

Even Mix™, has the solution in the form of their new generation of mixers, already being used across a multitude of farms in the US. The mixers take a whole new approach to tote mixing, offering a more powerful, consistent, and easy-to-use mixing solution. It also decreases the number of people to a single person needed to operate the mixer, allowing farmers to consistently mix various chemicals and solutions using the least labor and power.

In the next few years, a new generation of precision sprayers and bots will rely on consistently mixed solutions. That’s why EvenMix’s tote mixers are fast becoming one of the most popular machines in the farming industry.

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