Pediatric Feeding Therapy Conference Louisville 2016

Pediatric Feeding Conference Louisville 2016

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Treating Complex Feeding Disorders

September 30 – October 1, 2016
Presented by Mary C. Tarbell-Bickley, M.Ed., CCC/SLP

Course Description

This two-day workshop is designed for professionals who serve children with complex feeding aversions/disorders in hospital, school and private practice settings.

Day one will cover information regarding comprehensive evaluation of all of the aspects that may negatively impact a child’s ability to eat normally. Topics will include common GI, Pulmonary, and Cardiac issues, growth and nutrition as well as motor and sensory prerequisites.

Day two will focus on treatment of feeding disorders starting in the NICU setting and continuing through school-aged children. A multitude of topics will be discussed ranging from weaning a child from a gastronomy tube to treating the child with oral motor dysfunction to helping a child with selective eating disorders.

In addition to innovative effective treatment techniques, participants will learn the criteria to determine what intensity of therapy is warranted. Instructional methods include case studies with discussion and videos, lectures and handouts.

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