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Are you trying to find online Silat courses?

Learn Pencak Silat Serak Online from the comfort of your home. Feeling the need for self-defense but don’t have time to go to a traditional class?

Learning Pencak Silat Serak can be time consuming. Trying to find a good instructor is tough, too.

And if you do find an instructor, how do you know if he or she is really qualified to teach?

Have you heard about Pencak Silat before? If you haven’t, it is an Indonesian combat style martial art. Silat made its way from Indonesia and Malaysia to the rest of the world.

Guru West Bolz will teach you Pencak Silat Serak. This style is one of the most complete Silat systems in the world.

The main purpose of this combat style is to disable your enemy as quickly as possible so you won’t need to fight for long. This martial arts style is used in the real world by people who rely on self defense every day. While there are many aspects of this art that are both mental and physical, perhaps the most impressive part is how fast it really is.

You can learn Pencak Silat Serak from anywhere – the comfort of your living room, office, or wherever you plan to practice this traditional martial arts form.

Is Pencak Silat Serak right for you? Why not sign up for free introductory lessons? Visit our Silat Club YouTube Channel for more information today!

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