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What Is A Feeding Pillow?

A feeding pillow (sometimes referred to as a nursing pillow) is a tool that is ergonomically designed to enhance the breastfeeding process.

How Do You Use A Feeding Pillow?

Step 1: For those who have a feeding pillow with a clasp, insert it sideways so that you can fasten the clasp with ease.

Step 2: Move it up to your breast level so that the baby doesn’t need to struggle to get a good latch on the nipple.

Step 3: You can recline a little to the back if you feel that the baby will find it easier to feed.

Step 4: A feeding pillow would sink down a little due to the weight of the baby. If the sinking is causing difficulty for your baby in latching onto your nipple, you can add regular pillows underneath between the pillow and your legs.

Step 5: Use your free hands to help swaddle the baby or adjust his/her head for a good latch.

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