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My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) is the brainchild of Jim Harmon. Jim and his partners share permission based leads within their trusted network. As a member of MLGS, Jim will share 100 of these permission based leads with you every day, allowing you to get more traffic and make more money.

The permission based leads you will receive have all expressed interest in making more money online. We have however many reports of conversions in other niches, such as weight loss, diet & fitness + many more. If you are unsure if your offer will convert with our leads, feel free to reach out to us and an agent will give you advice based on current member campaign results.

After creating your account, you will have immediate access to your first set of 100 leads. As a member you have 2 options when it comes to contacting your leads. You can 1) automatically import and mail your leads within our Done-For-You Mailing System or 2) download your leads and contact them yourself.

We provide full statistics on each of your mailings, which includes a detailed history of opens and clicks for each and every email sent.

You’ve sent out your Campaign and you want to know how it performed. You head on over to the statistics section to see how many people have opened your emails. Then you see this Clicks section. And then you think “What is the difference between opens and clicks?” Don’t fret, you are not alone. We hear this question all the time. It will surprise you how simple the answer truly is.

Opens are defined as the contacts that open your campaign. Clicks are when someone takes an action within your campaign. This is when someone clicks on a link. We provide you with the email address, full name, ip address and opt-in date for each lead.

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