Make your own song

make your own song dr drum

make your own song

There are four kinds of beat making programs available today.

The first kind is a complex beat maker that only the most skilled technicians can understand. These also come with price tags in the stratosphere, and mind-boggling instructions.

The second kind promises great sound that anyone can use, but as easy as it is to operate, the sound is flat and simplistic.

The third is the free beat maker. These can be very alluring to starving artists, but they are dangerous and often come with extra, unexpected thrills also known as Trojans and Viruses.

The fourth kind of beat maker is Dr. Drum: a beat making program that gives you all of the tools professional DJs and sound techs use but in a format that is easy to use right from the start.

With Dr. Drum you’ll get a full sound board right at your fingertips on your computer screen. It may look intimidating at first, because it’s everything you’ve dreamed of, but you don’t have the training to understand all the buttons and slides. The difference between Dr. Drum and the complex programs used by the industry’s leading pros is simply that Dr. Drum leads you step by step through the methods and uses to make it all happen.

Real Quality Not Flat Sound:

With Dr. Drum you get real, high-quality digital beats, not flat MP3 sound that feels fake and uninspiring. You’ll be bouncing in your chair as you music comes to life right in front of you. Your friends will think you have a full-scale sound studio hidden in your room, but you’ll know that all it took was your computer and Dr. Drum to produce high-powered, bombastic rhythm.

Your Dr. Drum program comes complete with a full 12 pads per drum kit, and a huge selection of kits to choose so you can tailor your sound to your style. You can even import your own sounds and incorporate them with the ones you create in Dr. Drum, or use the edit feature to mold them into the sound you desire.

Affordable Music Creation:

Unless you’re a rap star with a recording contract or a high-profile rock star it’s unlikely you have the budget to rent studio time, or buy all of the equipment used to create professional music.

Then again, with Dr. Drum you don’t have to be rich. Dr. Drum is an affordable program that makes it possible to create music in any genre without that star budget. No matter what your style, whether it is rock, hip hop, country, punk, indie, R&B or gangsta, Dr. Drum can create it for you.

dr drum make your own beats

dr drum make your own beats

Better yet, Dr. Drum turns aspiring musicians into professionals at the touch of a key on your keyboard. You can produce entire sound tracks from within the Dr. Drum program that are broadcast quality.

One of the most important things about Dr. Drum for anybody wanting to make it big in the industry is that your beats are exported in 44.1 .wav file. Most beat making programs and DAWs export your tracks as MP3s.

Although it’s widely used, MP3 is a compressed file format, and the process eats away some of the audio quality. If you want to be taken seriously by record company big-wigs and music professionals, your tracks need to be industry quality.

The main user interface is the sequencer. It features 16 tracks, and each has a dedicated column on the mixer panel at the top of the screen. Many other beat making programs require some serious study to use properly, but Dr. Drum is virtually intuitive.

After you’ve downloaded the program you gain access to tutorials in the online member’s area, but if you have any experience making beats you won’t need them. You add tracks by drawing them with the pencil tool, and then choose your desired sound from the menu.

dr drum software music

dr drum software music

The massive library of drums, keys and sound effects should be enough for most users, but you can also create your own using the program’s four octave keyboard and integrated drum machine.

The mixer allows you to adjust the mids, lows and highs on each track, which gives you more control over your sound. You can also pan the audio to the right or left, and adjust the volume of each to create the perfect mix.

Every track can also be muted or played alone, a great tool for when you’re struggling with a composition. The sequencer display splits the track up into measures, and marks each beat with a dot to help you stay in time.

The useful layout is also used for the drum machine and keyboard tools. You can adjust your song’s BPM with a single click, and there’s a metronome to help you if you’re still struggling to stay in time.

Dr. Drum’s huge library of samples and beginner-friendly interface makes it one of the easiest programs to start making your own beats with, and the professional quality tracks you can produce put it head and shoulders above the competition.

The best thing about the program is how simple it is to upload your own sounds and make completely original, roof-raising beats. That’s right; the music you create will be good enough to play in clubs, at parties or even on the radio! This isn’t some kid’s toy. Dr. Drum is a full-on professional level program that is capable of making the music you feel inside sound fantastic on the outside. Try it today.

Dr. Drum – Make Pro Beats Today With No Experience!

make your own song

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