Two years after Bangkok, Leslie Chow runs out of prison using a riot as a dread. At the same time in America, Alan Garner generates twenty car chain hoops after buying a giraffe and taking it home by knocking its head highway into the bridge. The father of Alan dies of a heart attack on the shock of his son’s deeds. Alan’s friends (“wolfwood”) decide to hold an intervention after hearing that Alan had long been without ADHD medication. By taking Alania to “New Winds” in Arizona, the “wolf-car” car is driven out of the way and taken hostage. A man named Marshall (John Goodman) and “Black Doug” (Mike Epps) are his security chief.

Marshall tells how Chow had stolen the other half of his $ 84 million gold medal which he had stolen. And because Alan was the only one who had been in contact with Chow after this knock, he commands “wormwood” to bring Chow and gold back to him. He takes Doug hostage and threatens to kill this unless the “wolf” finds Chow within three days. Alan arranges an appointment with Chow in Tijuana where Stu and Phil would try to drug him. But the industry accidentally reveals them. Chow persuades them to help find the hidden gold bullion in the basement of their Mexican villa. But after receiving the gold Chow escapes and activates the alarm system.

But Marshall releases them and reveals Chow’s lies. Marshall was the real owner of the villa, and Chow’s the gold was what he had not originally taken. Marshall gives them a chance but kills black Doug. Through Phil’s phone, friends follow Chow’s Las Vegas. They hear from the owner of the pawnbroker, Cassie (Melissa McCarthy), Chow has switched one gold bullion to $ 18,000, and Stu’s former lover, Jade (Heather Graham), says Chow’s booked a penthouse from the Caesars Palace Hotel. Phil and Alan crashed on the roof, but Chow jumped down the parachute. Stu catches him and throws him on the back. They take this and gold to Marshall, who shoots on the base to kill Chow. But Alan had released Chow, who killed Marshall.

Chow let the “wolf” go and offer one of his gold bullions to Alan. The industry refuses and comes to the conclusion that Chow is not good for him. Phil, Stu and Doug leave Alan in Vegas and ask Cassie for a date. Within six months, they get married. To begin a more responsible life, Alan discontinues the “wolf”, but still wants to stay friends with others.

Between the end texts, a scene is shown where, after the wedding, Alan, Cassie and Phil wake up from the living room and show that they have once again had a confused night they do not remember. Stu appears in another room with breast implants. Alan remembers how the wedding cake was a gift from Chow, who appears naked from the other room with the katana.

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