Four friends take a room at the Caesars Palace Hotel, drifting on the roof of the hotel and raising the plate for the upcoming evening, “which they will never forget” . The film moves to the next morning, when three mummies are woken without a memory picture from last night. They realize that Doug is missing, Stu has lost one tooth, the bathroom has a tiger, the closet has a baby named “Carlos”, and the room is scattered and full of goods that their journey had gripped the previous night. However, they believe Doug went out for breakfast, but they soon realize that Doug’s phone is in the hotel room. They start collecting clues about what they remember: Alan finds his pocket for stun tooth and VIP passes, Stu finds a $ 800 cash dispenser and Alan notices that Phil has a hospital arm in his hand. Outside the hotel, Stu asks why the mattress has a mattress padded and the taxi driver tells him that “some guys do not just survive Vegeta,” when the servant brings a police car to the guys who left the hotel the previous night.

Realizing that Phil is wondering about the hospital’s wristband and recalling that it may have been there in the evening, men are heading to the hospital trying to track their previous tracks. The doctor recognizes that they have the traces of Rohypnol used as knockers in their blood, which is why they apparently can not remember almost anything and tells them that they had just come to a wedding at the “Best Little Chapel”. In the chapel, they find out that Stu was married to Jaden ( Heather Graham ) at some point in the evening, giving this ring (which was the Stu’s grandfather’s Holocaust Time ), which Stun was supposed to be after Melissa Doug’s wedding. Stu goes panic and tries to undo the marriage, but the owner, Eddie ( Bryan Callen ), tells them they need to find Jade so that both parties can perform the annulment. To the horror Stu notices that they have ordered boxes of goods with pictures of the Stu and Jaden weddings.

In the Chapel’s parking lot, Chinese robbers are attacking friendships. Robbers crush their car’s windshield and pull up the guns. When Phil tries to drive out of the car, he drives the other fork over his foot, and the rogue accidentally shoots Eddie’s shoulder. Just during the scene Melissa calls Stule and wonders where the guys are. The men are fleeing and tracing Jad, who says she is a stripper and that the baby named Tyler is her. Stu returns baby to Jade. After a few more clues, police officers penetrate into their homes and arrest men for stealing a police car. Before questioning, Phil calls Tracy, telling them he’s got an extra night at the hotel, but assures everyone is fine when Tracy asks Doug. In the hearing, Phil emphasizes the unhappy police of their lost car, and so the conscripts make an agreement in which the mates agree to be ‘voluntary’ targets for the demonstration of remote drones . Later, three friends sought their car, which was seized and resumed by Doug’s search. When they drive back to the hotel, they hear the bumpy noise. With the conviction that they will find Doug, the guy rushes to the tailgate, but when they open it, they find a naked Chinese man who knocks them on the skeleton before fleeing, leaving the men speechless. That’s when Alan admits that he threw their drink on the previous night, something he thought ecstasy , hoping they would be more fun.

The guys go back to the hotel to find more evidence, but they find Mike Tyson , who is the owner of the tiger in the bathroom. He tells the guys that they stole the tiger from his mansion and orders them to take the tiger back to his house. Alan puts five Rohypnol tablets on the steak, after which Stu takes it to the tiger. When the tiger has fallen asleep, they take it to the car and leave for Tyson Manor. On the way to the mansion, a tiger destroys their car when it comes to drugs. They return the tiger and get a surveillance camera video. This will let them know that Doug was still involved in stealing a tiger. When they return, Chinese robbers are attacking them again. The Chinese are led by Leslie Chow ( Ken Jeong ), whose friends had previously found in the trunk. Robbers collide with their car, causing a lot of damage. According to Chow, the guys had mixed two bags the previous night at the casino and now they have $ 80,000 won by Chow. Chow demands money as a barter from Doug, who he most obviously captured from the previous night. When unable to find money, Alan decides to use his card count to win money in blackjack . After playing all night blackjack and collecting casino staff doubts, the boys will win a total of $ 82,400 and they will leave the money to Chow. After returning the money, Chow had kidnapped a different Doug ( Mike Epps ) who turned out to be a drug dealer who sold Alan the wrong drugs.

Phil is just calling Doug’s bride to tell them they’ve lost this when Stu realizes where Doug is. Stu concludes that the mattress they thought would be thrown from their hotel room earlier had to come from the hotel roof. Stu remembers that in Las Vegas hotels windows can not be opened and that they have to lock Doug on the roof as part of a bug. When they arrive at the hotel, they find the Doug’s roof burning badly in the sun and they have less than four hours to get to the wedding. Stu finds Jaden before leaving, and tells her that they can not stay married. Jade understands and takes the news well and returns the ring. Stu promises to come back next week and arrange a trip with Jade to see if something is going on between them. Stu knows that the reason for his loss of teeth was that he was betting with Alan for not being such a good dentist that he could pull off his own teeth. On the way home Doug tells that when he woke up from the casino he found $ 80,000 in front of his chips. The guys rushed home and got to the wedding just in time. Phil is happily returning to his family, while Stu resigns from his girlfriend in the heat of a quarrel.

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