Lamb Horns Dog Treats

Lamb Horns Dog Treats

Icelandic lamb horns are the best treat you can give your dog. These lamb horns are ethically sourced from Icelandic farms. Lamb horns at one time were considered a waste product.

Not any more! Lamb horns make great dog chews. These chews meet the toughest standards and regulations so they can provide a healthy alternative to other popular dog treats & chews.

100% all natural these treats are easier for dogs to digest because they are made of Keratin, not bone. It provides a nutrient-rich snack that is 100% edible.

Lamb Horn Marrow Healthy Pet Treats Made By Icelandic All Natural Dog Chews

These dog chews can help your pet have healthier teeth and gums as well as reduce tartar and plaque

Icelandic delivers more than just lamb horns. They offer other healthy snacks like fish and lobster treats for your dog or cat.

See below for more Icelandic healthy alternatives to the popular brands.

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