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Hey everybody, Steve ah360, also AutoHitch. I’m here with Skip Dana, Captain of Sir’Reel. We’re right now in Key West. Is there a particular spot we’re in Skip that people might know geographically besides Key West? Or you think that covers it?

We’re down here fishing Final Sail, and we’re actually fishing in an area called Maryland Shoal right now. And as you can see, it’s absolutely slick calm. We’ve got the kites up with big helium balloons. And so far we’re three for three so far today. Possibly saw another fish up in the spread, and so far we’re in the lead for the daily.

It was the same conditions as yesterday. We were oh for two yesterday. Had some bad luck on a couple of bites, and had one window shopper. Remember, what’s a window shopper? It’s when a sail fish comes up and nips around your bait and doesn’t eat. Lot of times is that’s a fish that’s been caught already. There natural reaction is to come and spread, and try to eat again. And then they see what got them in trouble the last time, so they kind of fade off.

Now we’re kind of doing our thing. Not much of a bite to it. I think it’s only been about 15 fish caught today. And it’s really random. There’s really no rhyme or reason. So they just pop up on us and go.

And it was like it was yesterday. Slow.

Very. Very rare. I think there was 28 or 29 fish caught yesterday. I think the last number was 32, or five, something like that. So not a lot of fish.

That’s obviously not … it’s the end of the season for sail fish.

This is the end of our season.

Not ideal weather.

Not ideal weather right now. We’re supposed to get good weather on Saturday. But believe it or not, the fish are still biting really good at home. From you know Boca to Miami, there’s a lot of fish there. I don’t know why those fish haven’t been south of them. Some of those fish are here by now. But Key West is normally either red hot fishing, or really slow. Right now we’re getting the really slow.

But normally I mean there’s tons of neat fish around. We get all kinds of Tuna, Waterhuizen, Cobia. Normally you can’t keep fish in the water. It’s just been really slow. So we’re supposed to get really good conditions on … Watch that right shore guys. We’re supposed to get really good conditions on Saturday. Wind is supposed to come around out of the east which is ideal for us. East wind here is kind of like our north wind at home. The fish will actually start to tail, especially if it gets a little choppy. Could be, lined up for some really epic fishing.

And it’s a shorter day, right on two?

Oh yeah, you won’t fish until two.

So this is a three day tournament. And it’s the final, and like I said, it’s the final this season for the sail fish, for the Quest for the Crest.

Yeah, the final tournament for the Quest of the Crest series. And we did okay in that. I think we’re sitting in about 7th or 8th in that.

Oh, that’s not bad. Out of how many … how many start, I guess. They don’t all finish.

Everybody starts. You start with 45, and then it whittles down to whoever fishes all the tournaments. So of all the boats that are down here, we’re … I think we’re sitting in like 5th or 6th, 7th place. Something like that. But we kind of screwed the pooch in a couple of tournaments. We didn’t do as well as we needed to. But that’s how it goes. We’ll be ready to rock for next year.

You could still win some good money this year.

Absolutely. We’re still in the running for that … you know they’re doing Calcutta for the Quest for the Crest. So we’re still in the running for that. And then we’re still in the running for the tournament itself. It’s wide open. I think the top boat has six, we’re sitting with three. There’s one boat with five, and another boat with four, and there’s a bunch of boats with three. I’m not saying a bunch. It’s probably four boats with three, including us. That’s how it goes.

So I’ve got the camera mounted here, with Skip up in the tower.

Hopefully I’m going to turn it on next time I’m in the tower.

Well you know given everything going on yesterday, minds were in other places. Today we’re a little bit more excited. So let’s try to get one on … we’re going to try to get one on film. Skip knows how to turn the camera on so hopefully we’ll be able to get you guys some footage up here, and down there. Sail fish on, and release.


How To Win In A Fishing Tournament With Captain Skip Dana AH360

Thank you for watching this repost of “Tower Talk” with Boat Captain Skip Dana. “Tower Talk” was really a last minute “Why not” type of recording where we thought it would be a great idea to interview a professional tournament fishing captain live during a tournament right when everything is on the line.

Captain Skip is the captain of the “Sir’Reel”, a Hydra Sport Custom Boats 53 Foot Suenos docked out of Lighthouse Point, Florida.

The tournament being fished in this video is the “Final Sail” held annually in Key West, Florida by Bluewater Movements-

We hope you can take away something from this short video and if you have any tutorial or how to ideas you would like shot live during a fishing tournament please leave your ideas and questions below.

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