How To Start A YouTube Channel in 2020 – Step By Step

How To Start A YouTube Channel in 2020 – Step By Step

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it’s your fun loving, animated talking head friend Callous Mind back with another educational episode of the talking head podcast.

This video will be longer than my other videos. For the sake of convenience I am including time stamps here in this video as well as clickable time-stamps in the description box below this video.

How To Start A YouTube Channel in 2020

I have created an in depth resource guide for this video which I am linking to in the description box below.

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It’s hard to believe that the twenty twenty is almost upon us. With that in mind I wanted to make a detailed video about how you beautiful viewers can start your own YouTube channel in 2020 step by step.

First Step

The first step probably goes without saying but I don’t like to assume things. So you must have a Google account before you create a YouTube channel.

Choose how to create your channel.
Create your channel using either your name or a custom name.

Pro Tip 1 – Channel Description

Before you set up a YouTube channel I would encourage you to have a written channel description and channel art banner ready to go.

Your channel description creates the meta description of your channel which Google displays in their search results. This next statement may seem obvious but it’s a great idea to be as descriptive as possible when creating your channel description.

If you’re not a strong or experienced writer then you may want to hire a writer to write a 500 word, fluffy channel description. I would recommend writing something in the description instead of leaving it blank!

You can place links inside the channel description but those links must be written in html format like this example.

Good Audio Versus Bad Audio
Check out the lavalier mic here

The second microphone option I use is a USB headset that includes a microphone. This is a great option for laptop and personal computers.

Recording video
Get Camtasia here

Editing video
No matter what you use to capture video, you still need a way to edit that video. There are many video editing options available. Personally I use Adobe Premier Pro and that’s because I pay a monthly subscription for the Adobe Creative Cloud. I have been using Adobe products for over a decade and only subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud when my license keys were lost due to a PC crash.

Rendering Videos
►► Get Klippyo ►►

You know what to do:

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