How to Invest in CBD, Hemp, Cannabis, & Medical Marijuana – What is the best CBD business?

What is the best Hemp and CBD business for 2020 and the next 5 Years? I think the CBD money is in Hemp Cigarettes.

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  1. Don’t focus on the brand, photos, taste, positioning, events, or any other superficial values.
  2. Pay close attention to the Supply Chain

a. Once in the supply chain, look at the target consumer first

b. Then look at the retail c. Now look at the distribution channel Once you understand the distribution channel for your CBD, Hemp Cannabis or Medical Marijuana product, focus on:

  • Cost of Acquisition of each account
  • Cost of Acquisition of each customer
  • Cost of Maintaining that customer

There is more, much more to cover in the world of CBD, Hemp and Cannabis investment. However, this can get investors started in analyzing and evaluating their investment. If the entrepreneur can’t answer how they will get accounts and how much will it cost, then walk away, or teach them.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for investment or sales, don’t focus on your product, design, formula, package, or research for your business plan. Don’t even focus on online sales, that’s not a big exit strategy or a good value proposition. Focus on your supply chain, especially the latter stages of it, I’m talking about wholesale distribution, retail channels and consumer acquisition strategy.

This is where you’ll make your money. What is the best hemp and CBD business opportunity for 2020 and the next five years? The winner hands down is hemp cigarettes. I’m not talking pre-rolls. I’m talking machined made production of CBD rich hemp cigarettes. This is where all my focus and energy goes for the next five years. If you’re an investor of any size, institutional, angel or VC, call me up if you need help or expert analysis.

I’ve launched over 1,000 CPG, I’m the author of Build Your Beverage Empire and have conducted industry analysis on CVD, Cannabis, Beverage and other CPG for the top 10 investment funds in the world, plus many small ones! Check out my whitepaper on why I think the best hemp and CBD investment in 2020 and 2021 is hemp cigarettes.

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