5 Highly-Effective Ways to GROW YOUR BRAND using Social Media

5 Highly-Effective tips for how to GROW YOUR BRAND using social media! This is BRANDING STRATEGY 101, and some of the most effective ways that I have personally used to grow my own brand from a small startup to an international coaching business serving hundreds of clients all over the world!

Now of course there are numerous ways to make an impact on our brands with social media. In this video we’re going to skip over all the obvious things that you’ve probably heard before, and we’re going to narrow in on 5 of very best strategies I can give that will make the greatest impact on your social media marketing strategy.

For as many brands (large and small) that are killing it with their social presence, countless more are unaware of the positive effects that a solid social media strategy can have on their branding and business goals.

I believe we all know that we need to be active with our social media accounts, but to what extent? What value does the medium bring to your brand’s bottom line? I’ve got you covered today.

So let’s discuss 5 of the most powerful ways that you can leverage social media to grow your brand, expand your reach, engage your audience and drive more business results CONSISTENTLY.

If you would prefer to WATCH rather than read, here is the video of this training. If you prefer to read, go ahead and continue down below!


1) Define Your Unique voice and Brand Personality

Every time you talk, write, design, post, respond, launch, thank, and connect with others… you’re exercising your brand voice. Every. Time. Whether you think about it or not.


People are building up impressions in their minds for all the ways you appear—online, on stage, on the phone, or in person. So this is where you have to become incredibly deliberate, because it MATTERS. Significantly.


This means intentionally and deliberately developing a consistent voice and vibe that will become a staple of how your audience thinks of you. Remember this and write this down: People will interact with you based upon their perception of you.


Your unique voice and personality are the core of how your audience is going to experience you and engage with you, online and offline. So what does that look like:

2) Vary Your Tone on Different Social Media Platforms

You cannot have a one-size-fits-all approach to your social media strategy, or you will be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. When you choose to engage on different social media networks, vary your tone to fit the tendencies of that platform and give your audience the opportunity to experience you in different ways.


For example, maybe YouTube is the platform where you provide really high-value video content 15-20 minutes long. So you encourage your video viewers to subscribe so they don’t miss out on any of your most valuable content.


Then Facebook you could focus more on quick burst content like graphic posts, though-provoking questions, or you could take short 2-3 minute clips of your YouTube videos and post them as a quick tip of the day on Facebook (and drive traffic to your YouTube channel to watch the full video). So with Facebook, you’re training your audience to know that they definitely want to follow your page because you’re always dropping quick high-value tips and thoughts that they can leverage and learn from.


Then with Instagram, you could be way more light-hearted and give your audience a glimpse behind the scenes into a day in the life of you! Use stories to highlight portions of your day and engage them in a more fun and entertaining fashion.


Those are just a couple of examples but can you see the difference? Doesn’t matter if it is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok or LinkedIn.. every platform has it’s own personality so you want to vary your tone a bit to jive with what the audience is looking for there.


3) Share great content

I’m not going to spend a ton of time on this point, I just want to say this.. Killer content speaks for itself. Great content gets you shared, followed and subscribed. There is way to much noise in today’s market for you to be conservative. Great content really demands your time, your attention and your commitment. It’s a part of the job and the more effort you commit to doing the job to the absolute best of your ability.. the quicker and more likely you are to get promoted!


Don’t ever allow yourself to fall into the trap of letting your content creation become a check-the-box activity. Write this down: Quality Content Builds Your Position; Quick Content Builds Your Reach.


Your position is the viewpoint or perspective that people have with you. People will interact with you based upon their perspective of you. So the high-value content that you create is what is going to position you in their mind as the go-to person in your area of expertise. Quality content builds your position.


Quick burst content is what is most likely to be shared, so when you have a quick tip, trick or hack that you can share.. get it out there. Quick content builds your reach.


As a general rule, you have two options for the type of content that you choose to produce. Memorable or forgettable. Choose to be memorable.


4) Social Congruency in your Branding

One of the most significant ways that you can impact your search engine results when someone searches for your brand is having social congruency in your branding.


Google has one job and that is to show you what they believe you are looking for whenever you perform a search. So for example, I decided to start a new business called Justin Cappon Pro. When I perform a google search of Justin Cappon Pro the search results come in all over the place with no real consistency.. that means that search phrase is unsaturated. Google isn’t really sure what I’m looking for so they’re just going to show me a variety of different results. This is where social congruency comes in.


I’m going to start by purchasing my domain name, wwwJustinCapponPro.com. Then I’m going to create a Facebook business page and secure the handle @JustinCapponPro. So now my Facebook page url is Facebook.com/JustinCapponPro. Then I’m going to create social profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Periscope, etc and secure the handles on ALL of them @JustinCapponPro.


So then what happens, all of the urls for all of those different platforms match my domain name. I am going to use the same profile picture on every platform, as well as the name mini-description or bio. Then on each platform, I am going to post my domain name, www.JustinCapponPro.com, which links back to my website.


Now when I perform a google search of Justin Cappon Pro, google recognizes that there is a domain, along with 6+ social networks that match the domain, and now they’re going to show me exactly what I want to see. A full page of search results about Justin Cappon Pro with the website at the very top.


That’s social congruency, and that is one of the #1 ways that you can take control of your branding and seo quickly.. and none of that costs money to accomplish.


5) Engage with Peers and Influencers in Your Niche (and their audiences)

Lastly, when you are working on growing your following and increasing your brand influence, you must make time to engage with peers and influencers in your niche or specialty. You will be amazed at the connections you can make and relationships you can form just by simply committing time to supporting other content creators.


For example, when I first started out nearly 6 years ago I committed time to join at least one live broadcast of one of my target influencers on a daily basis. I had 3 specific influencers that I followed and I noted their live schedules so I could plan on being in their LIVE broadcasts.


While in their lives I would support the broadcasters message, help recap their key points or quotes in the chat and would add value to the conversation whenever possible. Additionally, I would also ENGAGE THE VIEWERS in conversation.


In every broadcast that I would attend, I would pick up at least 3-5 new followers. Then eventually, those new followers would start landing in my live broadcasts. Then occasionally the influencers themselves would drop in and share it out to their tribes. That’s how my built my own tribe. One new follower at a time. One new relationship at a time. Being supportive and reciprocal, and demonstrating every single day that I was working to give more than I was seeking to take.


Commit time to this, I promise you it will pay off.

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