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What is the best way to get new customers for local businesses? Rеfеrrаlѕ and recommendations.

Often though the best recommendations come from complete strangers in the form of reviews. Amazon has trained us to consider reviews to tell if a product is worthwhile. But this also applies to services businesses as well as establishments we visit such as restaurants too.

Most, if not all of us like to hear about the experiences that others have had and use that to help us decide if we want to go ahead and select that product or service.

So, it’s now a clear fact REVIEWS DO MATTER.

Google reviews are something that every local business has access to and can use to become the first choice for anyone searching for their type of business online.

Unfortunately, most local businesses don’t know how to ask for reviews and many consumers aren’t really sure how to provide reviews.

As a business owner, you can however make it easier for your customers to leave you reviews, and the best way to do this is to add a link to your emails that will automatically open up to your Google Review Page.

To get our link, go to Google and enter your business name in the search box. You’ll gen see a form that shows up on the right side of your screen with your business information in it. Find the “write a review ” link and click it as though you would be writing a review but once you’re on the write a review page, just find the URL and copy it. This is the link you will want to provide your customers.

This is a fairly long link though, so you can use one of the link shorteners and create a shorter link or even customize the link to your business’ name.

Now, you can follow this process and send an email to each of your customers with a link in the email or you can automate the process and start getting 4 and 5 star reviews with a new software that will make this process simple and easy and you can start getting Google Reviews for free right away!

Although there are other review sites that may also apply to your business, such as Yelp and Angie’s List, or Zillow (real estate), Google is ubiquitous and is the foundational element that each local business needs to start with.

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