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Home Remedies for Acne, Arthritis, Backache, Cold, Constipation, Obesity and more

Fed up from the side effects of the drugs, people are now shifting towards alternative therapies for the cure and treatment of common problems. Home remedies are one of the alternative methods that have been proven inexpensive and can be easily made at home without many efforts. Since ages our ancestors were using these home remedies for the treatment of diseases but the latest inventions and discoveries in the field of medicines darkened the benefits of these home made treatments. In the recent times the people have again shifted towards these home remedies.

Home Remedies for Acne, Arthritis, Asthma, Anaemia, Backache, Common Cold, Constipation, Eczema, Hair Loss, High Blood Pressure, Indigestion, Obesity, Sore Throat, Stress

Home remedies for some of the most common diseases and problems are:

For Acne:

1.Application of cucumber leaves or grated pieces of cucumber to the affected areas.

2.Paste of fenugreek leaves applied overnight on the affected area and washed off next morning is also effective.

3.Mix one tablespoon of besan flour and one teaspoon of lemon juice till a smooth paste is formed. Apply on neck and face and wash off when it gets dry.

For Acidity:

1.Drink a glass of cold milk to get quick relief from acidity.

2.Drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda for immediate relief.

3.Chewing bubble gum will also provide relief from acidity in few minutes.

For Arthritis:

1.With an empty stomach take 3-4 walnuts (akhrot) or 1 fresh coconut.

2.Spread warm mustard oil on a madar leaf and apply to the affected area for a few hours .

3.Drink some radish juice with sugar added to it.

For Asthma:

1.Drink a cup of black coffee, the warmth will break up the flem and the caffeine will help to remove tightness from the chest and throat.

2.Add 30-40 leaves of tulsi in one liter of water, strain the leaves and drink the water throughout the day.

For Anaemia:

1.Eat 2-3 apples daily without peeling to increase the iron stores in the body.

2.Intake of beet juice is highly beneficial for the anemic persons.

For Backache:

1.Drink some hot milk or water with powdered sonth, meetha soda, and salt.

2.Massage the back with turpentine oil.

3.For temporary and quick relief heat can be applied at the back with hot water bottle.

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For Common cold :

1.Drink a cup of water with a few drops of garlic oil and a teaspoonful of onion juice.

2.Rub the chest and throat with camphor water or oil.

3.Drink honey and lemon juice in hot water to get relief from sore throat.

For Constipation:

1.Drink a tablespoon of corn syrup in a cup of water.

2.Drink a glass of prune juice to facilitate bowel movement.

3.Drinking a cup of coffee will also provide relief from constipation.

For Eczema:

1.Mix one teaspoon of camphor and one teaspoon of sandalwood to form a paste and apply on the affected e areas.

2.Drinking Aloe Vera juice will help cleanse the system.

For Hair loss:

1.Wash hair with peppermint or spearmint tea to prevent hair loss and to promote hair growth .

2.Wash hair with white vinegar periodically to prevent falling of hair.

For High blood pressure :

1.Mix half onion juice and half honey. Take 2 tablespoons once a day for 1-2 weeks.

2.Eat two cloves of garlic every early morning.

3.Eat one Papaya on an empty stomach daily for a month.

For High blood cholesterol:

1.Drinking onion juice daily for a week will lower the blood cholesterol.

2.Eat a few garlic cloves every day to reduce blood cholesterol.

For Indigestion:

1.Drink aloe vera juice, papaya juice, or chamomile, comfrey, red raspberry, or peppermint tea.

2.Drinking a glass of water with a tablespoon of baking soda will provide immediate relief.

For Obesity:

1.Eat 10 fresh curry leaves in the early morning for three or four months.

2.Drink a cup of water with 3 teaspoons limejuice, one-fourth teaspoon powdered black pepper, and a teaspoon of honey every day for three months.

3.Eat freshly sliced tomatoes with onion and lemon juice.

4.Drink lemon juice with honey and warm water every morning.

For Sore throat :

1.Gargle every hour with vinegar water or salt water.

2.Drink hot milk with honey at bedtime for immediate relief from sore throat.

3.A teaspoon of honey will provide relief from sore throat.

For Stress:

1.Chewing 12 tulsi leaves twice a day, morning and evening is the highly beneficial treatment of stress.

2.Various seeds such as alfalfa, sunflower and pumpkin are highly beneficial in the treatment of stress.

The use of these home remedies is highly effective and causes no side effects on ones physical body.

Warning: None of the information on our videos is a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment by your health professional.

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