Siembra Mobile is an Silicon Valley ed-tech provider with a mission is to improve high school graduation and college attendance rates, with a special focus on first generation and disadvantaged minorities.

For high school districts, College Connect by Siembra is an easy way to track college readiness, while providing individual students with a mobile app progress tracker as well as visibility to top college recruiters. For high school counselors, College Connect provides a way to improve the college readiness of their entire caseload, through automatic alerts when students are off track, as well as a easy dashboard for scheduling and communication with individual students or groups. All communication happens through the student’s favorite communications device, the mobile phone.

For college admissions offices, Student Connect by Siembra provides in-depth and early visibility to the entire course transcript, contact information, and demographics of high school students, nationwide, even when those students are attending non-feeder high schools. This allows precise target recruiting, and allows colleges to diversify their student body by identifying and communicating with desired recruits early in the recruitment cycle. The data includes grades earned in individual courses, giving admissions offices clear visibility into student performance in core classes of interest to that college program. Finally, Student Connect enables direct communication with high school counselors, and individual students as well as customized advertising to specific student profiles.

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