Hermetia illucens black solider fly protein


Hermetia illucens, Black Soldier Fly Protein.

With Hermetia Illucens or the Black Soldier Fly ( also called BSF)

By insect breeding we promote a rethinking of a sustainable development of the environment and contribute to the conservation of land areas and the reduction of water consumption by the meat industry as well as setting an example when it comes to the carbon footprint.

The proteins food created is, ecological and environmentally friendly needs minimal space and virtually no water, in addition no pollutants arise and the positive ecological footprint is undisputed. Illucens provides the best dog food alternative and fish food, poultry, reptiles and lizards feeds.

See our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkTfrU1cELRTk5PnyzuJx6Q

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