Halloween Window View Ambience



Project this cozy and spooky Halloween window view onto your wall with a projector or play it on your TV and enjoy 1 hour of cozy, spooky and calming rainy Halloween night atmosphere from the comfort of your room. Cozy up and listen to the relaxing spooky sounds with a view of a creepy haunter victorian castle during a heavy rain storm with heavy rain and thunders. Listen closely and you’ll hear owls, crows, howling wolves, barking dogs, moaning wind, distant mysterious chimes, rustling leaves, ghosts and distant witch’s laughs and whispers! Play this in the background on Halloween evening, during a Halloween party or while you’re reading a your favorite horror book.

Window view is the perfect solution for rooms without windows or with insufficient light. They are great for meditation, relaxation, work, study and transporting you to your happy place from the comfort of your own room. Thanks to the high resolution of our window view videos, you can have the closest result to a real window. You can use it in basements, apartments, walls without windows, offices or any indoor or outdoor areas.

This is a 1 hour ASMR ambience video designed for relaxation, sleep, focus, study, reading, writing, journaling and work. Relaxing white noise videos like this are created by editing many layers of ambient audio tracks together to create an original background soundscape to help reduce stress and anxiety. Play this video with your headphones or earphones at a comfortable level, use it as a background music during the day while you sleep, study, journal, meditate, dream or read.

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