garage work space

Garage Work Space

Are you looking to convert your garage work space into a woodworking workspace? Well, join me as I share my workshop layout ideas. I am looking forward to doing a few woodworking projects in my garage work space and lures, speakers, raised planter, and other DIY projects around the house! And don’t think for one minute we are going to be getting fancy around here! Because at the Cuban Redneck DIY channel, we are into making things that are functional on the cheap!

Welcome the Cuban Redneck DIY Channel. The YouTube channel dedicated to doing DIY projects on the cheap! My name is JC, and many of my hunting and fishing friends call me the Cuban Redneck! That is how this channel got its name. Some people are a little taken back by the title, but hey, I am a FloGrown Southern boy, and I have no issue with it! FYI, in Spanish, or should I say in “CUBAN,” the word REDNECK roughly translates to “Guajiro,” a common name used to describe somebody from the country-side, the lands, a mountain man, or a farmer.

With that said, let get started. So, why this new YouTube Channel? Well, with production on hold on the fishing channel due to the coronavirus, I have been doing a lot of fixing and renovations on our Southwest Florida property. We recently moved to the Charlotte Harbor area of Southwest Florida from where I’ll be producing a lot of content related to fishing, lure making, and things of that nature!

Woodworking Workspace

One of the first projects I did was a wall to wall desk made from some deck scraps my neighbor threw away. So, when I sent my friend Kyle and others a few clips about what I was doing for the home office, everybody started asking, what wood did I use, how much it cost, why didn’t you recorded the whole thing, and so on… Soon after, I was searching YouTube for garage workspace design ideas or small woodworking shops layouts, but I kept running into YouTube videos about guys building $10,000 router tables and Woodworking Shop Design Ideas in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most of the builds and tools presented on these videos are out of my price range. Not only that, but all of my friends say the same thing. It is like watching YouTube videos about Lamborghinis and Bulgari very nice to look at but not very practical if you can’t afford them. Suppose anyone has thousands of dollars to invest in a Garage Workspace / Woodworking Shop, more power to them! I don’t have that kind of money, nor do any of my friends.

Workshop Layout Ideas

That was not only validation for my concept, but what pushed me into developing this channel. Wanting to keep the fishing channel pure with just fishing stuff, I have decided to run a parallel channel dedicated to DIY projects and repairs “on a budget”; or as I often call it, “on the cheap!” If you like doing this on the cheap around the house, including working projects, lure making, and more, I hope to have you as a subscriber for my newest YouTube channel. In this first video, which I am not even going to classified as video one because it was intended to be an intro, I will focus on how I build my garage workspace. This space has to retain the ability to house my truck and motorcycle, but it has to be functional enough for my projects. That means that a lot of the things you will find and or do when designing a dedicated woodworking workshop don’t apply! Designing this garage workspace to serve as a functional woodworking shop to make my fishing lures and other projects is going to take a little planning.

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