FMCG Training Course and Beverage Development Case Study

Get the FREE 10 hour FMCG and Beverage Industry Training Course:

Discover how your FMCG and beverage packaging design can affect your product sales with wholesale distributors and retailers. This packaging design presentation covers from research to design, merchandising, distribution, and wholesale and retail sales of your consumer goods products. We’ve done over 1,000 FMCG for our own companies. We started from scratch with FMCG and beverage formulation, development, and packaging. Victor Enciso trained with Jorge Olson, author of Build Your Beverage Empire and FMCG and beverage consultant.

Have you ever wanted an FMCG or Beverage Development for your new enterprise?

This FMCG training course is for you. Start with this beverage development case study and then download the mobile App to learn from your phone.

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