Fishing Photography

Growing up fishing and boating in South Florida has provided ah360 with the unique understanding of exactly what it is that fishermen (And Women) want to see in their fishing/boating photos. Getting close to the action without getting in the way, anticipating the next move, and being ready for anything is what it takes to be a leader in fishing photography.


South Florida Fishing Photography

Being a fishing photographer in South Florida has one very huge benefit- We don’t have a Winter! (Theoretically speaking of course) This means we can shoot year round. That being said, we do have our own seasons on the water which typically consist of a day that can go from gorgeous to garbage in a heartbeat. Again, this takes us back to AH360 being prepared but also having the ability to understand an opportunity when the competition may not.

Sure, photos are better during the day, but wouldn’t a rain gear sponsor love some pictures of their team working in fowl conditions?
Don’t we all know that people online prefer images of everything going wrong rather than the best case scenarios?

Fishing Photos need to be more than just pictures of fish, they need to capture what our clients and their intended viewers are longing for which is that, “Oh wow- Great shot” moment. No one loves hearing that more than we do, and if you book AH360 for your next fishing trip that is exactly what we will deliver for you!

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Please use the contact form below to tell us what you have in mind for your next fishing trip and we will quickly shoot back some pricing. Don’t worry, we are affordable for any job! Available options include 360 photography, 360 video, standard photography, standard video, and aerial drone photo/video. Yes, pretty much anything because out on the water that is exactly what can happen= ANYTHING!



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